cklab: featuring
cos 1+x >elektroschmok<

slip people

cos 1x >elektroschmock< is michael spies, philipp reitberger and aaron ghantus 
coming together for live jams.
the aim of the project is to improvise with electronic music on stage, record on separate
tracks and edit a little bit here and there afterwards to get som serious tracks. it all started with the first session "the slip people" at studio klangschneider & schneider
in oktober 2009.----------------------------------<<<<<<<<<<<listen>>>>>>>------------ we had the idea to do four sessions a year - inviting different musicians each session. the 2nd session on mastul-stage was on the 21st of november 09 with beatmaster kurgast.
some sebastian came by spontaneously to play his tuba to the last tracks.---<<<listen>>>>>---

the 3rd was on the 27th of February 2010 at mastul
elektroacoustic session with loop station and upright piano
---> special guests: jako gold
und ulrike haage
----------------------<<<listen>>>----- 4th session featuring
FLIP MORTON (marco madia) 26th of jue 2010 ableton live/pads/synths/samples on a 6ophonic sound system-----------<<<<<<listen>>>>>>>>--

the participants so far:
cklab_ Philipp Reitberger: samples/lines/atmos/mix/edit
straussfeld_ Michael Spies: micron/ableton live
harun_ Aaron Ghantus: Yamaha Cs1/blofeld
kurgast_ Daniel Menzel: electribe/kaos pad
jako gold_yasir hamdan: loop station/live samples (drums,guitar,vocals,mandoline)
u-exit_ulrike haage: upright piano/inside piano percussion/samples/kaos pad